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Lambda Literary Awards Winners
1997 Lambda Literary Awards Recipients

Lesbian Fiction
Beyond the Pale
Elana Dykewomon
Press Gang

Gay Men's Fiction
The Far Euphrates
Aryeh Lev Stollman

Lesbian Studies
does your momma know?
Lisa C. Moore, editor
Redbone Press

Gay Men's Studies
Gay Metropolis
Charles Kaiser
Houghton Mifflin

Lesbian Poetry (tie)
Cold River
Joan Larkin
Painted Leaf
School of Fish
Eileen Myles
Black Sparrow

Gay Men's Poetry
Beautiful Signor
Cyrus Cassells
Copper Canyon

Lesbian Mystery
Father Forgive Me
Randye Lordon

Gay Men's Mystery
The Magician's Tale
David Hunt

Lesbian Biography/ Autobiography
Blue Windows
Barbara Wilson

Gay Men's Biography/ Autobiography
The Poetry of Healing
Rafael Campo
W.W. Norton

Gay & Lesbian Anthologies‹Fiction
His (2)
Robert Drake, with Terry Wolverton, editor
Faber & Faber

Gay & LesbianAnthologies-Nonfiction
Queers in Space
Gordon Brent Ingram, Anne-Marie Bouthillette & Yolanda Retter, editors
Bay Press

Gay & Lesbian Photography/Visual Arts (tie)
Naked Men: Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955
David Leddick, editor
Universe Publishing
Particular Voices: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Writers
Robert Giard
MIT Press

Gay & Lesbian Spirituality/Religion
Like Bread on the Seder Plate
Rebecca Alpert
Columbia University

Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction/Fantasy
Bending the Landscape
Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel, ed.
White Wolf

Gay & Lesbian Children/Young Adult
The House You Pass on the Way
Jacqueline Woodson

Gay & Lesbian Drama
Gross Indecency
Moises Kaufman

Gay & Lesbian Humo
Openly Bob
Bob Smith
Rob Weisbach Books

Transgender (tie)
Carol Queen & Lawrence Schimel, eds.
The Last Time I Wore a Dress
Daphne Scholinski with Jane Adams

Gay & Lesbian Small Press
does your momma know?
Lisa C. Moore, editor
Redbone Press

Editor's Choice
Billy's Boy
Patricia Nell Warren

Publishers Service Award
Douglas Mitchell
University of Chicago Press

Lambda Literary Foundation Pioneer Award
Ron Hanby


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